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Click below for Meadowbrook Stables Open House Photos! 

All photos are free for download.



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Heart Horse Media was inspired by a once in a lifetime kind of horse, Jack Sparrow, who showed us the power of leading with your heart. Our mission is to share stories, create memories, and foster a positive community. Through our work at Heart Horse, we strive to leave a distinct digital hoofprint, echoing the spirit of Jack Sparrow and embodying our commitment to passion, authenticity, and joy.


About Madi


Madi Hunter is a young professional who has been working in the equine industry for over a decade. She has held many roles in her time working around horses, with experience running a boarding and training operation and working as an instructor and coach. After sustaining a career ending injury a few years ago, Madi has been working on the administrative and marketing side of the horse world. Her love for horses, passion for creating, and her desire to honor her beloved heart horse, Jack Sparrow, is what led her to create Heart Horse Media. With her extensive history as an equestrian and her creative skills, Madi hopes to create a positive community of fellow horse lovers where stories can be shared and memories can be made. 

“Heart Horse is more than a job to me. It’s my way of saying thank you to my best friend. It’s my way of honoring him. I miss him everyday and I just hope to make him proud.”
–Madi Hunter, Owner-Operator 



Offering specialized photography sessions in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Whether you are looking to capture some special moments with your horse or capture the action out on course, Heart Horse Media is ready to get behind the lens! Heart Horse is available for portrait or sport photography. 

Social Media Management 

Heart Horse Media offers several unique options for social media management packages. From a basic package to an all-in package, Heart Horse is ready to help you achieve your goals. We are dedicated to sharing your story in a way that feels authentic to you! Options available for customizing your social media package.

Anneke Scace

"This was such a special experience and I’m so grateful that Madi was able to capture the unique relationship I have with my horse with her photography. I can’t wait for the next one!"

Samantha Finnelle

"My son Jack is 2.5 years old and doesn't like to stand or sit still for too long; Madi was able to capture amazing pictures of him doing what he does best, being an energetic and outdoor loving little boy. My daughter Brooklynn, nearly ten, is a total ham for the camera; she had many different photo ideas and Madi enthusiastically went along with all of them. She made Brooklynn feel like the star that she is."

Sarah Siegel

"One thing I love about Madi is that she takes the time to get to know you and your horse and your journey so it feels like a valued and fun experience rather than just a photography session."


The Horse behind the brand

Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow was Madi’s once in a lifetime horse. Jack helped Madi start her first business, he was a steady lesson horse for her students, he helped her reach some major competition goals, and above all, he was her best friend. He was always the best shoulder to lean on, both figuratively and literally. He was trusted with eager pony clubbers, timid riders, and the most experienced of horsemen, and Jack was always a barn staff favorite.  


Jack was quirky, silly, soft, strong, and loyal. He loved his treats, but would often need to be coaxed into eating his grain, especially if there was a new supplement in there. He was known for blowing bubbles after enjoying a snack. His steady stride was ideal for galloping beside rows of corn and his dislike of butterflies was strong. Jack liked giving kisses, loved his “girlfriend” Adara, and detested being clipped. If you knew him, you loved him. He was one of a kind. 


The 5 years Madi got to have Jack as her partner were nothing short of magical. Countless new friends, gallops through the woods, lessons, trailer rides, competitions, and simply not enough hugs. 

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